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Our Design and Documentation Tools

We combine our electrical system design experience with state-of-the-art tools. This allows early design validation, creating a high level of confidence, reduced reliance on physical prototypes, shortened time to market, and improved design quality.

Click for a large view VeSys 2.0

VeSys 2.0 is a suite of software tools specifically developed by wiring professionals to satisfy the demanding requirements of the industry. VeSys 2.0 provides a wiring and harness design flow for customers who require software that is powerful but simple to deploy and use. Customers can readily upgrade their VeSys 2.0 data to Mentor’s more powerful CHS electrical design product line. Alternatively, VeSys 2.0 users can share component, symbol and simulation model libraries with CHS users.


NetBeans IDE - The Smart Way to Code
We use the open-source NetBeans Integrated Development Environment for software development. NetBeans provides all the tools necessary to create professional desktop, enterprise, web, and mobile applications with the Java platform.

Microsoft Office Specialist

We utilize the power and universal acceptance of the world's leading suite of productivity software to help complete word processing, presentations, data management and project management. All of our work is fully documented and subject to frequent design review.

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